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Payment 200 euros between February 1 and May 15, 2015 for Education Editora:

1) By Credit Card (POS).

2) By Paypal.

3) By bank transfer to the account 0049 6143 86 2810006702, Banco Santander - Campus Ourense, IBAN ES900049 1000 6702, SWIFT CODE BSCHESMM, BIC CODE BSCHESMMXXX indicating only CINDU 2015 and the name and surname of the person that will be registered. Once the bank transfer has been made, participants should go to the Pre-registration menu, enter Perform registration and upload a scanned copy of the payment receipt.


Steps to register:
1) Perform pre-registration.
2) Login to your private profile.
3) From here go to the option "Perform registration" in the Pre-registration menu.


Registration will be limited to the number of vacancies available. Applicants will be accepted according to registration order.

  The payment of the fees includes  
  Documentation and free assistance to all the activities of the congress.